Sentinel Q Electronic Snake Repeller


Each year more than 25,000 snake bites occur in Europe, do not become a victim protect your home now. Many of these bites could be potentially fatal, most will leave a infection and long lasting health problems.

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Effective against all snake species

100% Safe to use around Children and Animals

How it works

This unique Sentinel Q Snake Repellent has been developed to scare away all kinds of snakes; it emits a regular pulsing vibration, which the snake picks up through sensors throughout its body. The snake perceives a danger zone causing them to evacuate the area; most snakes will retreat almost immediately.

Solar powered with inbuilt battery charger and easy to change AA batteries

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Two Repeller units 110 euro delivered

Four Repeller units 210 euro delivered

Six Repeller units 300 euro delivered

Eight Repeller units 396 euro delivered.



Sentinel Q Snake Repeller Quantity

It is environmentally safe and will not affect any other animals, birds or livestock.

The effectiveness of the repeller is greatly increased when two or more units are used as the snake cannot identify where the threat may be so it retreats much more quickly and generally will go much further away. One unit can and will protect its area well, a circle with a radius of 15 metres, but we recommend that at least two units be used. To protect larger areas it is recommended that multiple units be placed approx 30 metres apart, to get complete coverage between units for maximum protection, the more units deployed the more effective the result. Throughout Spring, Summer and as Autumn approaches in many parts, numerous young snakes are emerging and looking for new territories and older larger snakes will be out trying to establish territories in which to breed, and spend the cooler months.

The repellers are very good at removing snakes from behind or under obstacles such as rock walls, from under sheds and garages. Small shed foundations, footpaths and driveways will not stop the effectiveness of the unit, and they will also operate very well in rocky ground.

In many parts of Europe, numerous young snakes will emerge and will be looking for new territories and older larger snakes will be out trying to establish territories in which to breed, or spend the cooler months. Having snakes around your home or villa can completely ruin your rest and relaxation.

Stop them now before they get established around your home.

Protect your Home with Sentinel Q Snake repellent©

This unique repeller is only available from us we do not supply any other retailers.

Last year saw record numbers of snakes right across Europe, with this huge number of snakes about and the very mild winter in many parts ensuring a high survival rate, there will be many young emerging soon and looking to find new territories, and breeding places for this year, which by past events is likely to be another record year. So do your best to eliminate any potential nesting places for them, and seal up any holes in your sheds, close off exposed drains with fine wire netting, and keep a look out for them this year. Already due to the exceptionally mild winter, there are many reports of large numbers of snakes being sighted in areas at times where they are not normally present, and also many sightings of larger than usual numbers of different types of vipers also indicate that they are heading for another year where there will be record numbers of them about. This appears to be worldwide trend over the last few years has seen dramatic increases of snake activity and sightings worldwide.

No longer do you need to worry about snakes spoiling the relaxation of time spend in your garden, forget about sharing your pool with unwelcome serpents, place the repellers around your garden and pool to be able to relax and enjoy your lifestyle.

Sentinel Q Snake Repeller © will stand guard and protect your home day and night. While you and your loved ones rest and play.

When the repeller unit is placed in your garden it is unobtrusive and blends in well.

It is best to place the units where you feel you need the protection most.

All that is visible of the unit is the sturdy plastic top and the high quality solar panel. Beneath this is an aluminium probe, which is placed into the earth to transmit the warning pulses through the ground. Normally the only maintenance required to keep this unique repeller in perfect working order for trouble free service is the occasional wipe of the solar panel with a soft cloth to remove excess dust and grime. The Sentinel repeller will work perfectly well even in partial shade so it can be placed in a convenient location out of the main traffic areas, to avoid damage when cutting the grass etc. Most true snake experts will agree that nearly all snakes will flee if given the opportunity to do so, by placing these units around your home any snakes that enter the area will feel under threat and retreat. Usually they will go at least several hundred metres away, and normally they will not return. The signals will be transmitted through the ground under footpaths and behind stone walls to drive snakes away from their hiding places.


How many to use?

A normal house lot we suggest two units on in the front one in the back, for higher risk areas four units.

A larger garden the 4-6 units will give good results.

For larger sections we suggest space them at 40 metre intervals around your boundary as a general rule 8 units should give excellent coverage on an acre section.

One unit can and will protect its area well, a circle with a diameter of 40 metres, but we recommend that at least two units be used. To protect larger areas it is recommended that multiple units be placed approx 40 metres apart, to get complete coverage between units for maximum protection, the more units deployed the more effective the result.

If you have snakes coming from rivers, canals, lakes, swamps, woodlands or disused lots onto your land this is a great method of stopping them, before they can cause distress to your loved ones, simply place the repellers along your boundaries where you feel the snakes are coming from. Although no product is 100% foolproof, and we do not claim ours to be, as there is always the chance of some unforseen event or circumstance occurring. We do believe that under normal circumstances that by using Sentinel Repellers you will seriously reduce the chance of any unfortunate encounters with snakes.

We are a family business and have been in the home garden / pest control business for many years and we value our good name highly and have serviced many satisfied customers over the years. This product is the biggest step forward in snake control ever and with all the tests we have done, it has an excellent success rate. We feel confident that with this product, unwanted snakes in the home garden will soon become a thing of the past

With many snakes they only really become a problem when they come around our homes, where they can pose a threat to our loved ones, especially children and pets. Make sure you often check in and around children's play houses and their favourite play spots in the garden.

We have tested and had good results with many species of snakes across Europe. Including the commoner problem ones below.

Common Adders are found in many districts of Northern and Western Europe, their distinctive patterns come in wide colour variations from pale grey / black through to bright green / black, although not normally deadly to humans they can still pose a very serious threat to health especially to children and older people, bites to pets are commonplace and will need expensive immediate veterinary treatment to save them.


Grass Snakes are very common in many parts, a non poisonous species, they do have an unpleasant habit of releasing a foul odour when approached. These are normally the culprits when snakes are found in your swimming pool, as they like to spend a lot of time in and around water. Not a pleasant experience to share your pool with these snakes!


Asp vipers are commonly found across the warmer southern parts of Europe, and can be a potentially fatal snake, care should be taken when these snakes are around as they are very poisonous and will readily bite if you get close enough, they have the habit of nesting and spending a lot of time in and around stone walls, so around your garden and patios be especially vigilant for this snake. If you are having a barbeque or outdoor meal in the evening please be especially careful as these snakes are very active at this time.

Throughout the summer months it is a good idea to install good lighting around the area of your yard and garden, especially in the locations where you spend time outside after dark as snakes are often very active at night and accidents can so easily happen if you cannot see clearly what is around, especially around swimming pools and barbeque areas.

Even if you are just renting a villa or farmhouse for a few weeks or months, it is a great idea to take along some repeller units, as the effect is immediate, and can easily be installed in minutes or packed up and taken home until the next time. Then you can enjoy your rest with worrying about the local snakes. Take them with you in your camper and install them wherever you stop for a while.


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Sentinel Q Snake Repeller Quantity

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Protect your pets, a visit to the vet for snake bite treatment on your pet could easily run to 1000's of Euros.



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These repeller units while they are an effective deterrent they are not 100% foolproof

and one should always be aware that unforseen circumstances can occur so you should not be complacent especially where children

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