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A substantial amount of our business comes from further orders and referalls from existing customers.

We do get feedback from many of our clients and we have put some of it below for your interest.


Thanks very much for sending them.  I'm about to order 8 more and appreciate your after sales service.  Its refreshing to see someone who stands behind their product.

Thanks again.  I keep recommending the repellers to friends so hopefully you should see a few more purchases from people in the Canberra region.



I live in western NSW close to the Belabula River, a great place for brown snakes.

I can say that since I have had the snake repellers I have had no snakes in my house yard.  We had a brown snake on the outside of our fence which a neighbour killed.  I guess you know if they do not work because you have snakes.  So far so good we have seen no snakes in our 2 acre house yard.

Robert has been extremely good to deal with, he is prompt in filling the orders and helpful in answering questions.

I beleive the money I have spent on my snake repellents has been worthwhile.




Dear Sir,

My daughter, Karen ####### of San Francisco, purchased several repellers for me this year.  It is the first summer I have not had snakes on my porch or yard.


Sylmar, CA.


We purchased repellers, I wanted to give you a follow up. We live in TX, we have a lake and woods boardering our property. We followed all the advice about cleanig up the yard etc. However, we were finding copperheads everywhere and a few cottonmouths. Since we placed the repellers we have only seen one copperhead. THANKS!          Sandy

Hi Robert,

North Texas had a 2 year drought. This spring we have had a lot of rain. Snakes are turning up everywhere. I am happy to report we have not seen any snakes in the areas we have covered by the repellers. There are plenty of copperheads and cottonmouths in the area. Our property goes down to a pond. Cottonmouths were hanging out on a point of our shore. We put a repeller there and I actually got to see it work. A large cottonmouth was headed for the point then just veered the other way. Pretty cool! A new neighbor moved in one lot down from us. We told him about the repellers and he just got his order of 6. He said he will order more because he will be clearing woods by the lake.  Thought you might like the update.

Sandy Parks up here in Texas.


Hello Robert

> >Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with the Sentinel I bought

> >from you

> >It was delivered really quick only 3 days after the order and I put it

> >into my flower bed by the side of the house

> >I have not seen single snake or seen any signs of them around

> >The Black snake that was living under  my pool deck has gone

> >Very good

> >Thanks Ray

Inverell NSW


Hello. I purchased four of your Sentinel snake repellers just
    >>     >a year ago, and have been very pleased with their
    >>     >About two weeks ago, though, I noticed that one of them had
    >>     >working.I live in
    >the woods on the coast of North Carolina, just 100 feet from a
    >swamp, and cottonmouth and copperjead snakes are everywhere, so I
    >really need all of my Sentinels to work.

Thank you, Robert!
You have been most accommodating, and I  really appreciate it.


Kure Beach


Hello, Robert!
     I wanted to update you on the repellers. Thanks SO MUCH for sending the replacements----they are working splendidly. So much so that I have just placed an order with you for three more of them.

The new model spikes have been working very well for a few weeks, now, so I am comfortable purchasing some more. I have a rather large property that is surrounded on two sides by swamp, and with so many copperheads and cottonmouth snakes around, I am anxious to protect my children and dogs.I lost one dog to a cottonmouth a few years ago, and it was a most unpleasant experience!
Thanks so much for your concern, and for making a product that helps me to keep those serpents at bay!!!

Best regards,
David Tripp


Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with these repellers. Haven't seen a single snake since putting them in operation. Live in an urban area and thought that these "city snakes" might be used to noise and not be concerned. Not the case at all, all have retreated from the foundation areas of the condo. 

Thanks, Bob Nelson

Flint, MI


My name is Karen

I have a cottage in the Bruce Peninsula on Lake Huron.  A couple of years ago we suddenly had a large presence of garter snakes where there had been very few before.  I have a real fear of any snake so I went on line and found James' site.

He has been most helpful, providing a lot of great information. For instance I have removed all the ivy close to the cottage-a favorite hiding spot for snakes. Initially I ordered the liquid and sprayed. It was safe and natural and the snakes left. 

After the snakes appeared this year, I decided to order the electronic repeller as a more permanent solution that required no maintenance.  It has been very effective and I now have another one for spring so that the rest of the property will be protected.

At first I was concerned about delivery, customs and service.  Service has been great. James replies to my e-mail within 24-48 hours and delivery as promised.

I have highly recommended this product and James' service to friends.


Karen  (Ontario - Canada)


Robert, thank you so much for the great service! I tell people every chance I get about the repellers; hopefully you will get some sales from it. They're working great!

. Have a wonderful holiday :-) Charles

Palm City FL.


Robert, Hey, I just got your email today, not sure what is going on with the email. I really do appreciate you helping us out. Thanks very much. Steven and family



Hello Robert, Just a quick note to thankyou for your prompt service, and to let you know how pleased we are with the two snake repellers we bought from you earlier in the year. We put them in close to our pool and have not had any snakes in it at all, infact we have not seen any around home all summer - a huge difference to last year when we could not eat out on our patio for fear of them , and snakes swimming in the pool was a daily occurence. I'm sure you will get many more orders from the expat community around here, we always put in the good word about you if the subject of snakes comes up.


Gerald and Shelley

Bergerac, France.


Robert – Received everything in April – they are installed and working. We haven't seen one snake – we are still very cautious but I believe the copperheads have decided to move. Thank goodness they moved before a nest was laid and hatched. Thank you so much for your help.



Robert - We received the repellers this week that we ordered on 3/15.  So happy to get them as Spring arrived early here and we were already having reptile visitors. One half hour after installing the repellers the dogs began barking "snake!"  My husband went out and they had cornered a big cottonmouth who we think was decidiing to move on out.  We think the repellers got him on the move.  Anyway, we thought it a good sign and are very hopeful they are going to help us. Nancy


Where do I begin.......................
I live on 10 acres at Queanbeyan (near canberra).Have lived here for 20 years.
I own & operate a pet boarding facility.  Every summer I dread the snakes.Not only for my own families safety & my own personnal pets but you can imagine the fear when you care for other peoples pets not to mention my staff.
Every year without a doubt we would get between 2 to 4 brown snakes appear just when we thought everything was going well.. out comes the rake ,alot of patience & a sickening feeling of making sure we get the bugger !!
This time last year for the 1st time ever I had a brown snake at my kennel office !!! So here i am rake in hand waiting for this rotten thing to come out of his hidey hole.At the same time I had customers coming to collect their pets.One chap came over to me obviously aware of my predicament & started to tell me about these so called 'snake repellars' he got off the internet..
He is in a worse area than me & said he normally got between 10-12 snakes per summer until he put the repellars in.He has had his repellars in for 2 summers & hasn't seen a snake.!!!!!  Since I knew this fellow from my business & thought I would give it a go.. I bought 2 last summer.I put 1 at the kennel compound & the other in the garden..To this day I have not seen a snake ..touch wood...
As you can imagine word travels fast & I told quite a few of my friends who told their friends .In total I think about 5 friends have bought about 15-20  all up.
One friend of mine has 4 kids under 7.She lives in a really bad snake area.She lost 2dogs to snake bites about November last year.thats when I told her about my repellars. She now has some & to this day she has been really pleased with them.
I guess its hard to say they work 100% but I will vouch for them any day.I have no hesitation in saying its the best thing I ever did.I hate snakes....I tell everyone .Some people I have barely known have bought 1 or 2 & all have said they are happy.
They are super simple to use.Just attach the coloured wires as directed.They are solar so thats about it.It looks like a solar light.You have to put the probe into the soil & just leave the solar panel exposed.You can hear the thing vibrate when you 1st connect it up.
Well I hope this helps...Its really worth giving it a go.If you want to talk to me my ph number at the kennel is *************. I would be happy to talk to anyone about them..
Good luck Regards Jenny



Hello I purchased 2 sentinel solar powered snake repellers in approx December last year, I assume they work as we have not seen any snakes at all where properties around us have seen  many snakes.

Thanking You.


Hampton , Victoria , Australia


The units themselves are reasonably robust, naturally with using a solar panel for a power source some care must be taken with their placement but generally apart from lawn mowers!! they do not normally get damaged. They have inbuilt rechargeable battteries which will keep the units running 24 hrs a day, the only maintenance they normally need is a wipe of the solar panel with a soft cloth to clean off any grime every now and then, and should hopefully give you years of troublefree service. But if you are unfortunate and have any problems with your units; we always try to do all we can to asist.

We conducted all our testing on wild snakes, in thier natural habitat to get an accurate response, with very good results with all species, as captive kept snakes can react quite differently due to conditioning over time.


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